Skip a inning or two

Hey Guys
Our season in this area is coming to a end. Was very happy with how all the pitchers I work with did this year except the trouble I have had with the young 10 and 11 y/o team I help coach.

So my question is have any you guys let a kid pitch a inning then bring him back in later in the game? I have never really done much of this as I questioned how it would be for the health of the arm.

I would really like to try this though for our last few games with this team. Our good 11 y/o can usually get through the first inning with under 20 pitches. Would so like to pitch him in the first, than go through a few kids and maybe bring him in to close.

Don’t want to make this a habit but just for a few games this end of our season. The first of which starts tomorrow night.

Thanks in advance

I can’t think of a worse way to screw up a pitcher’s rhythm once he’s established it. It’s bad enough when his team is having a big inning, scoring a bunch of runs, and he’s sitting on the bench and sitting on the bench and sitting on the bench while his team bats around, maybe more than once, and then finally he has to go out there on the mound and it then takes him an inning or more to get his rhythm back! And even some major leaguers don’t get it into their heads to go down into the tunnel with a utility player and do some throwing, play a little catch, just to stay loose.
If your pitcher is going great guns on the mound, let him pitch a couple of innings—three, four, whatever—and then take him out of the game. But this going back and forth doesn’t do anybody any good.

USSSA put rules in this year to prevent bringing back pitchers. I don’t believe you should bring them back either, this is because you don’t want to have your pitcher throw 100% then let the arm cool down, warm it back up and then get him throwing 100% again. This would be like having the longest, between innings, ever. Between innings I do everything I can to keep my arm ready to go, even throw a little more if needed.

What advantage are you going for and what is your mindset for this.

Thanks guys, guess you answered what I already knew.

Like I stated earlier, had never thought of doing this before now. Only reason is for this particular team. Thought maybe if he got us through two innings could throw maybe 3 other kids at them for next two and if one could find a groove not bring him back in. But, should we somehow (and this is stretching it on this team lol) get through the 5th inning with it close or ahead he could close it.

In this league here kids can pitch 3 innings a game PERIOD. That is the rule and only rule, as sad as it is, pitch count is not even considered! I am probably the only coach in this league who keeps track of pitch count on the kids.

As for the mental effect on this kid there wouldn’t be any. He has had 2 bad outings this season and just blew them off like nothing. He has ice water in his veins, or better yet the attitude and knowledge that right now this is a GAME and has even told me as much. He knows at 11 y/o much will happen in the next few years to determine how good of a pitcher he finishes into.

My only concern was the fact of any possible damage to his arm. I know better than to have even of brought this up and thank you guys for letting me have it, I had it coming!!!


First off thank you all for putting me in my place for this one. After just reading this again I have determined this is the most stupid post I have ever made on any forum. I knew the answer to this before I ever submitted it and I believe subliminally I was wanting you all to bash my head in on this one lol. I would of been the first to condemn someone else doing this, especially to one of the boys I coach. Greed of wanting to get this young team some wins took over. My dad always taught me there is mainly right and wrong with very few times that “gray areas” should prevail. He warned me to always be wear those who revel in the gray areas of life. I think in the learning and coaching of pitching this is most true. So shame on me for looking to the gray area in this situation.


Don’t worry about it. Remember, the only stupid questions are the ones not asked. :slight_smile:

Why dump the post, this is exactly why this forum is so important, we share ideas, even if they suck. Somebody else gives their view and we figure it out one step at a time. hope you will stay active on the site.

Good Luck