Skinny pitchers vs. thick pitchers

Rick Porcello
6’5 205 pounds. has hit 101 on the radar gun. BTW my high school played against him this yr. Kid throws a perfect game.

Raw Talent(Me)
6’2 230 pounds hits about 87-90 mph on the gun.

Is it really genetics?
Or what?

Youtube Rick Porcello for more

I really wanna attract scouts next yr for college. I wanna add as much mph.

Im 6’3, 230 lbs and throw 84-86.

im 5’8, 130 pounds and top out at 72 :expressionless:

Yes Raw, it really is sometimes all genetics. I’ve never seen your mechanics, but I’ve seen his. He has a smooth deliverey and a very live arm, and combine that with his height, thats the reason he can throw 101.

I’m not saying its all genetics, if you make some positive changes in your mechanics you could be throwing maybe 90-93 by next year which would get scouts, but you probably never will throw high 90’s like him. It’s just that simple. Mechanics and conditioning will do alot to increase this, but we all have a ceiling. Its just the same way that you can take a BMW 5 Series and soup it up as much as you want. Add superchangers, lighten it, make it more areodynamic. But in the end, no matter what you do, it will never be quite as fast as a Lamborghini.