Skin irritation

I recently got a call from a coach that asked me if I had any bad experiences last year with ROSIN BAGS… or the material that’s in the bags. (sometimes what’s in a rosin bag is not necessarily rosin but some sort other product.)

Usually, there’s one pitcher … for some unknown reason, that’ll get a rash or some other skin irritation from the stuff … but nothing serious. And that’s usually because of a combination of the sweat and the ROSIN material’s reaction on the skin.

Now I know many youngsters have no idea of what ROSIN is for, never mind it’s use, but for those of you … most likely at the college level and the like, here is a simple way to see if your hand is going to have a reaction to this new material on the market… or stuff like it. Lightly dust a very small amount on the back of forearm of your glove arm … not your pitching arm. If you start to develop a small redness or irritation then that material is not for you.

Under “Baseball Equipment” on this web site, I’ll show you an option that’s a substitutes for ROSIN BAGS and there totally legal to use in any league sanctioned game.(NCAA included)

Coach B.