I’m a big-time freestyle skier (high risk, high reward!), and I’ve been wondering - is skiing good, bad, or neutral for your pitching health? Obviously if you sustain an injury like in any sport it’s bad, but in general? All I really know is that it’s a great way to get exercise.




Love those lines. Squaw Valley USA, CA. Go there every spring break.

Dude, jpeavs, I LOVE skiing. Started when I was 5 or 6. In fact, my wife and I almost bought a condo at Stowe this summer, since we spend most winter weekends on the slopes.

HOWEVER, it’s not really as good a workout for baseball as you think. Yes, your legs get a burn, but honestly, there are literally 100 other activities that would be better cross-training than skiing.

Still, most other sports aren’t as fun … or cold :slight_smile:

BTW, we go to Lake Tahoe every February to ski with my younger sister and her husband. They have a ski-in, ski-out right on the slopes. Lucky! When do you go?

Really? Sweet! My family goes with my cousins in March when I have spring break off. I have a house up in VT, and I go up to Stowe once or twice a season (3 hr drive … :frowning: ) but I ski almost every other weekend in southern VT.

I just realized something doing my split jumps. I telemark a bit (a bit) and that motion is generally the same. I know you said that skiing isn’t the greatest workout, but for your legs (and teleing specifically) it is a good workout so long as you’re balanced with your upper body and core, right?