Size of glove

best size to pitch with?

11 3/4 ftw

i would prefer a 11.5 inch but i also play 3rd and some outfield, so i have a 12 inch

In addition to size, I would suggest finding a glove that just feels right … for your overall balance and “fits” your style of pitching.

A 11" glove can be just as effective as a 12" glove due to the smaller glover’s construction and composition. And depending on your pitch selection (What pitches work best for you) your golves feel and balance can either enhance or detract from that performance.

Take for example these gloves below. Their all different in size and weight, and each has a different feel to it.

When you get the chance, ask to use six(6) different gloves . infielders and outfielders, and see how each glove contributes to your overall comfort. Easton makes an excellent line of pitcher’s gloves and these gloves can be slightly heavier then others. Some pitchers who are 6’ and weight in at over 200 lbs can prefer those gloves.

On the other hand, the next time your watching a Red Sox game, notice the glove that #37 Hideki Okajima uses. I wouldn’t be a bit surpirsed if he were using a 13" glove – usually worn by outfielders.

I had a pitcher years ago, that was only 5’ 6" and weight only 155 lbs.
But you want to see pure heat … I mean this guy could throw cheese all day long. And one day he drop’d his glove in the dugout and I picked it up and it felt very heavy in the fingers. Come to find out he put fishing weights in the end of the fingers of his glove to weight it down. Basically, he wanted to use his glove … and this weight, to act like a catapulpt balance… whipping him around and down from his glove side shoulder to his pitching shoulder. I wouldn’t suggest this for everyone … but for him it worked.
Coach B.

i use 13 inch :lol:

small gloves just dont feel right… like coach B said get one that feels right

12" Nokona, best glove I’ve ever owned.

12" DR black/brown glove. Amazing glove. Good quality. Fields like a vacuum.

i use an 11.5 when i pitch and play infield but also playing outfield i use a 12.5 rawlings HOH and a2000 is the way to go