Size a factor?

Ok well im a freshman (14 y.o). Im 5ft4 90 pds. Im wondering if my size is a factor. Say when i grow a few inches like 2 or something how many mph would i add?

Hey, not so fast! You say you’re 5’4" and are 14 years old. My guess is that you haven’t yet hit a growth spurt; unless you’re destined to be a shrimp, you will probably hit one or more. Don’t worry about your speed right now; as you get taller you will very likely pick up some MPH on your fast ball. Work on your control and other aspects of good mechanics, maybe pick up a breaking pitch or two, and concentrate on getting batters out with the stuff you have.

I’m 5’4" at the age of 12. I throw pretty hard. When I was a little shrimp(like 2 years ago) I couldn’t throw hard for anything.

Coincidence? Maybe.

Size only really becomes a factor when you get to the pro level.

As a general rule, the bigger you are (height and weight) the harder you will throw the baseball. Of course, you want to be in good athletic shape at whatever height and weight you are. However, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Think of smaller guys like Roy Oswalt and Tim Lincecum who are both barely 6 ft tall and both throw in the mid 90’s. Don’t let your size now discourage you from trying to develop the absolute most explosive delivery possible. There many many ways to develop velocity besides just being tall and long.

Also, other posts are correct…you may still have quite a growth spurt left in you and may end up filling out later in the your HS career or even college. Most scouts don’t think you’ve reached your full velocity potential until your junior or senior you of COLLEGE.

Just keep studying your favorite small pitcher’s mechanics and work on being explosive to the plate.

I’ve always wondered about that, as well. I have a son who is a freshman in high school. He is a lefty and has been on very good youth baseball teams where he has not had to pitch (played first base but pitched a few innings now and then). I’m starting pitching lessons for him and he’s excited about learning properly. He’s big for his age (he’s 14 and 6’2 220 lbs). Will he be able to throw hard eventually or is there no correlation?

As I said, there is no set rule for how hard you can expect someone to throw based soley on their height and weight. As a general rule, the taller you are and more ATHLETIC your build, the more “projectable” you will be to a professional scout. Scouts love a tall lefty who also seems to have a loose arm and control of his body.

I am also a lefty pitcher and have played professional baseball for 4 years (up to the AA level) at 6’3" and 205lbs. By the time I was a high school freshmen, I was already 6’1" and 175lbs. My fastball has been 84 - 89 mphs from high school all the way through today. So velocity is ultimately determined my a multitude of factors…some of it God given…other parts may be from refined mechanics or more strength in the core and legs.

The bottom line is the taller and more athletic your build, the better chance you should have to develop better velocity.

Thanks, SouthPaw…good information.

Look at Randy Johnson and Tim Lincecum. Compare their motions. Then decide who naturally throws hard because of their height.

While it may be easy to say Randy Johnson has a more natural delivery…its actually rather interesting to compare the two. There aren’t a ton of similarities which proves a very important point. While size does typically allow one to throw harder…it does not GUARANTEE anything. So it is important for those aspiring pitchers to realize that there are many ways to develop velocity and for better or worse, some of it is simply God given ability.

If you are interested in a more in depth analysis of RJ’s mechanics, check out my blog on my website