Situational Pitching

I have to give a 5 minute talk to rest of the staff about situational pitching so I was wondering what input you all have when it comes to pitching in certain situations.

To get things going I’ll start off with a situation.

Say youre a starting pitcher and if you have a big lead in the game. ATTACK the zone especially with the fastball. Once a team is down big early their morale is down and they sometimes lose focus so you must recognize it and pitch accordingly. Fill it up. There is no reason to nibble, the game has already been extended because of the large lead, there is no reason to have the game drag on and deplete the bullpen because you were getting too cute.

never forget your fastball is your best pitch and any other junk you have is made to pretend it’s a fastball until halfway to home plate, so be sure you establish it early otherwise everything else is useless.

I prefer to call this “strategic pitching”.
You say you have just five minutes to address your group regarding pitching under various circumstances. It doesn’t seem like enough time to deal with it, so I will put it in a nutshell: Figure out what the batter is looking for, and don’t give it to him. I will also add that you do need to go with your best pitch—whatever it is, be it fastball, curve, sinker, slider—and you need to go after the batters. Challenge them. Make them go after YOUR pitch, what you want them to hit. Remember that your primary aim is to get them out. 8)