Sinking palmball

i was screwing around with my palmball and got it to sink… sinking palmball changeup thing was marked a few MPH lower than my straight palm

should i stick with the sinking palm or the straight?

I would stay with the one that sinks, mine tails into the right handed hitter. But i was just thinking and you could maybe throw both, if the batters know the movement too well, throw them one that stays straight and they might miss it, idk how that sounds or how it will work; just an idea.

Keep both, the more you can tweak any pitch to do what you want, the better you become

alright now what do you mean i was screwing around? what didyou try?

different grips

Thats a good idea. You can read a ton of books and look on the internet for pitches and grips. Everyone different, holding the ball a certain way for comfort.

As for the question i would throw both, if one seems to get hit, throw the other or something like that.