Sinking Fastball

Last week we faced a righty that had the dirtiest fastball ive ever seen. It had last second break that broke down and a little in to right handed hitter. Someone said that it was just the guys two seam, but ive never seen a two seam with that kind of drop to it. He was also throwing a straight four seam that we clocked at only 2 mph harder than his sinking fastball.

So my question is how do you get this kind of sink on your fastball?

proper arm slot, proper grip, etc

its pretty lucky if u get a sinker like that

Lots of trial and error.

Probably arm slot and pressure points.

He also might be turning the ball over which will give it good sinking action, Ian.

I’ve always had a good sink on my two seam fastball with a tail and I always felt my grip where I would slide my thumb a little towards my pinky finger would get me good action. I also would turn the ball over when I really was looking for a double play ball.

My arm slot is more 3/4, but I don’t believe that has the same impact that my grip has on the movement. Greg Maddux is more over the top and his two seam is nasty.