how do you throw a sinker? i have sometimes accidently thrown one while i try and throw a fastball, but i cant figure out how i did it? thanks for the help.

The reason is that a sinker is a 2 seam fastball varient. If we wish hard and click our heels together…xv84 will post a picture of a guy with a sinker grip 8)
My son throws one and he does it by overloading to the inside (He’s a righty) or middle finger to the left side seam. Some say to pronate, I’ve come under the spell of learned baseball thinkers who feel if you pronate your arm more than naturally you are A) Showing the pitch and B) Putting undue stress on the arm. My son doesn’t add pronation and his is very effective…so it can be done.

Arm angle and/or wrist orientation helps too. A sinker generally has a (from the perspective of a rhp) 2-8 rotation. Try playing around with finger pressure right before/during release.

Also, be sure to stay on top of the ball and don’t cut to the side.

Remember arm slot is also a key on throwing the sinker. If you are throwing straight over the top, you will have a very modest sinker, Ian.

Thanks guys.

I have been trying to throw the fast ball harder, and release it just a tad later, and it actualy is sinking. I dont know if I’ll try to throw a sinker to much, because I am actualy a catcher. I haven’t found a locale little league near by, so me and my brother play, he pitches, I catch. Every once in a while, I pitch, so that’s why I have been trying to work on my sinker.

Thanks again for the help!

GO CUBS!!! :smiley: