How do you throw a sinker, I know the grip but how do you get it to break a lot or decently at least? I hear its a good pitch to get strikeouts or ground outs and im trying for that thanks.

when I throw mine I grip like a 2-seamer and when I release the ball I twist my wrist like you throw a slider

Throw it like a slider? If I’m not mistaken, it is pretty much opposite of a slider because you want it to move to the arm side. If you are gripping it like a straight up two seamer with both your fingers on the two seams you wont get too much movement. I’m right handed so I grip mine with my right index finger on the left/inside seam. My middle finger is right next to my index finger on the midline of the baseball. Then I throw it as I do a fastball, maybe with a slightly lower arm angle and just try to throw the inside half of the ball creating an imbalance in the spin that will make the ball move to the armside and down when done correctly

yea my sinker moves in its not that good I know how its supposed to break out so all. I have to do is pronate right?

ya pronation is a large part of it…it’s almost more of a slightly early pronation because almost any good pitcher will pronate when he throws his four seamer, as well, but its usually after release.

my sinker thanks you

my sinker thanks you

well hopefully that helps you…its hard to put in words…its much more of a feel thing

Any pictures of that grip?

What I would like to describe it as a karate chop rather than twisting your wrists. A definitely good pitch if thrown correctly. As a pitcher it is smart to mess around with different pitches and grips to see which ones work best for you. Also many pitchers need to have a ton of different pitches but it’s best to have 3 or 4 at the most because it takes time and effort to master each of them.

Heck I’d say 2 or 3.

I’ve heard of throwing a curveball being likened to a karate chop which makes sense because you supinate when throwing a curveball to impart topspin. A sinker must be pronated though as it is a version of a fastball and just the action you want on the ball implies pronation. You have to keep your fingers inside the ball to get it to move down and to the arm side. A sinker is essentially a faster version of a circle change. It may not have quite the drastic movement that a change does but similar action.

a sinker is my main fastball. not pronation here, I get natural movement from my arm angle; don’t really know how else to put it lol.

my two seamer naturally sinks, and i pronate my wrist a lot (for any throw). i like to put more pressure on my index finger to really get the “bottom out” effect. i don’t worry about it breaking so much, but rather just getting it to drop some before the batter can realize what it is