How are you suppose to throw a sinker so it sinks? I throw it with the two fingers in between the two seams and my thumb slightly offset, it gets movement to the right but no downward movement, anyone have suggestions on getting it to sink or is it just a matter of making sure I release it like I would a fastball?

What arm slot are you throwing from? Ian

you wont get a lot of success with the sinker if youre throwing with a high armslot. usually guys go for the splitter when they throw overhand. that being said, you grip your fastball 2-seam with the fingers in the middle of the seams and when you throw it you want to release the ball with your middle finger while flicking it so it spins kind of 7 to 2. release the ball with your index finger and it just tails, release the ball with your middle finger and it goes straight down. remember that you have to throw it low unless it’s an automatic hanger and there is no pardon to such a pitch. the sinker is the best pitch for a guy with contrtol but the worst for a guy that is all over the plate.

grip it with the narrow part of the seams or the horseshoe?

i doubt there is any difference i personally grip it where the seams are the closest.

I grip it like a normal two seam and bend my thumb underneath the ball where the tip of my thumb is pointing in towards my palm or towards my pinky

you have to throw it low…if i have good control on my day I will also pronate my wrist to try and get more screwball action

i throw from a 3/4 arm slot and I have good control, but I just got back from an injury so im still trying to regain my control but it wasn’t too bad i pitched friday 4IP 5k 2BB 3 ER i hadn’t pitched for over a month so i wasn’t too disappointed with my start, I just went fastball curveball that game, my sinker is pretty much a cut fastball, but i’ll try some of your suggestions and see what happens, thanks for your help, if anyone else has suggestions feel free to help