Sinker spin

im very confused

how is a sinker supposed to spin?

please helppppp

Sinkers are a variation of the fastball

yeah, i know

but like… a 4SFB has all 4 seams rotating through the air backwards where-as the 2 SFB has the horseshoes on either side of the ball spinning backwards

the seams that travel through the air during a sinker are at a different angle than those of the other FBs

so which seams travel through the air, what angle, etc?

a sinker spins with backspin slightly slower than a fastball, that, and the slight drop in velocity give it its sink.

I wouldnt say slower velocity, because theres some guys in the MLB that throw one at 95mph. I would say less back spin giving it less air friction holding it up. Which would give it a dropping action

I would say that it has spin similar to a 2-seamer, but with less backspin

The lower velocity is not the cause of the sinker, it is the effect. There are a few guys in MLB who throw low 90’s sinkers, some even mid 90’s. The velocity and movement is caused by the spin axis, not less spin.

so when your holding it like a 2 seam FB

when its spinning is the upside-down horseshoe that is facing your palm spinning slightly to the left, right…?