Sinker speeeeeed?

how fast should one be throwing before the sinker actually sinks?

mine sinks… ALOT and i throw in the low to mid 70’s

so i dunno if im even throwing fast enough for it to sink… and if im not then what am i throwing? :?

Spin RPM and axis plays more of a role than reduced speed on a sinker. Fausto Carmona and Felix Herdandez throw their sinkers in the mid 90’s.

If you going to try to slow it down, it may end up looking more like a changeup than a sinker. You’re letting gravity take it down instead of focusing on the spin. And gravity isn’t what causes it to sink.


i clocked all my pitches the last practice we had and my fastball topped at 76
and my sinker was 71-73 consistently

It’s a few MPH off your regular fastball, so that sounds about right to me.

so its a true sinker not some messed up breaking ball?