Sinker and throwing every day

Hello everyone!
i have a couple of questions the first being i do throw over the top and wanted to add a sinker to my arsenal of pitches but i have dispute amongst different resources on how to throw it: the book i have called “the pitching edge” by tom house said i should hold it like a 2-seamer but move my pointer finger (my right arm is my throwing arm) and move it so it is touching my middle finger on the other seam. Then after that at release point curl my wrist so that the ball is sort of facing me and pull down at release. The other source is a collection of online sources that say i should throw it with a 2-seam grip but just move my fingers in from the seams a little so i need to know which one is correct because i would like to start throwing it before the fall USSSA season or before nationals deff!!!

My other question is another important question i think and that is should i throw every day? I am a starting pitcher and was just wondering if i should be throwing every day because my pitching coach said i should rest 5 days before throwing again so i was just wondering if i should be throwing every day


There’s a difference between pitching and throwing. Pitching requires days of rest between outings. Throwing, on the other hand, can and should be done daily although the amount should vary by throwing less the day before or after an outing and more on other days.

ok well how about throwing a sinker

honestly kid theres no wrong way to throw a pitch, just fiddle around with some grips and see what works for you. i just started playing with a sinker but the grip is hard to describe… think of a 2 seamer. the seam running along the pointer finger, i put my middle on top of it with my pointer touching my middle finger. i curl in my thumb a little more too so that it will be resting ON the seam along the bottom. give it a shot, i hope this helps you find a sinker