Sinker and 2 seam fastball differences

Does anyone know the difference in throwing a 2 seamer and a sinker? I’ve heard that you pronate for a sinker but I’ve seen slow mo videos of different sinkerball pitchers and they all look like 2 seam fastballs to me. Whats the difference and throwing them and what does the spin look like on each pitch?

When you throw a sinker, the idea is to go over the ball, and when you throw a 2 seam, you should be going more around it. You pronate a pretty good amount on a sinker, but you only slightly pronate on a 2 seamer. Look up you go pro baseball on youtube, and watch his sinker and 2 seam videos. Hope this helped :smiley:

You can “cut” or “sink” a two seamer, depending on the orientation of your grip