Sinjin Garrett, 14 year old lefty pitcher

After much delay, I think I have this figured out. Here are two videos of my son pitching. the short video is game video from the 1st base dugout filmed on my phone. The longer video is @ the local indoor facility. Thanks for any comments and constructive criticism you care to share.

Well on a non-mechanical basis, composure on the mound should be improved. Very few pitchers can display public emotion and still be successful.

Okay now for the mechanics. After watching the second video within the facility, I noticed a few things. Firstly, there is no problem with the high leg lift because many other successful pitchers have utilized a similar lift.

However, there is an issue with how his lift leg descends into his stride. His leg is reaching out into his stride, instead of down and out into the stride.

Additionally, his drive leg is also collapsing past the drive foot. This is problematic because he is losing potential power from his drive leg.

At exactly the 1:00 mark, you can see his back leg over-collapsed past his foot, and his lift leg in the process of coming out and around.

Do you think you could provide a side camera view? This would make for much easier analysis of his forward momentum.

Definitely second what Nathan said about the composure, when you play against better teams they will use that to their advantage. -_- <— that’s what your face should show the whole game.

Have your son read the ABC’s of mental pitching asap. After he reads it the 1st time, have him read it again.

Your can work all day long 7 days a week on pitching mech. but if he does not learn how to control the emotional side of his game all his physical ability will be for not.

I understand all the comments about his ‘mental’ side. Believe me, I am working with him everyday on that. He is making improvements, but still has his ‘moments’. Appriciated the comment about the ABC’s of mental pitching. Will have him do that ASAP.
The biggest disadvantage or struggle is that I am Dad/Coach. Where we live, there is not a huge availability of quality pitching help. Trying to balance between having some emotion or passion, which helps him strive to do his best and ‘wearing’ his emotions on his sleeve. If he didn’t care at all, then he wouldn’t have this ‘problem’, but there is no doubt he needs to improve.
As for the mechnical comments, I will try to get a side shot of him posted this week. The stride leg thoughts; his stride is about 100-105% of body height, which I believe to be a good thing and I think I understand the collapsing drive leg as I am a bit old school - from the drop and drive era- so I have been working with him to mentally picture ‘tall and fall’. Any other mental keys you can think of to help me get the ideas across to him? He struggles a bit trying to imitate MLB pitchers, I continue to remind him that he needs to be himself, with good mechanics. But 14 years olds seem to be overly concerned with how they look!

I would also like to see him working on his glove side mechanics, pulling the body to the front side glove vs the glove side getting out of control.

I understand what you mean with respect to being a coach and a dad. Same thing here and I am a little uncertain with respect to finding a pitching coach. Living here in Kansas City there a few guys I would consider but it’s a long drive and sometimes a pitching coach will give you the standard boiler plate lingo w/o taking into consideration each pitcher has differing needs. I too am narrowing a search.

Just a suggestion, but perhaps you could locate a college level pitcher in your area as an alternative, perhaps even a mature high school senior thats got a scholorship to a Juco or higher level program.

I don’t know if anyone else picked this up but I don’t see him following through that well. It seems to me that his back doesn’t get parallel with the ground nor does his back leg come high enough. Just my two cents.