Single leg Squat vs Full squat

hey guys hows it going. I have been reading alot of the forums lately instead of making new topics. But ya got another question lol.

I do not have access to a cambridge bar or any other thing that can help me squat. I said all i do is dumbell squats. I was thinking this though.

Instead of squat 150lbs with both legs what if i just did a single leg.

Would that mean that if i am doing lets say 100lbs on a single leg that would translate into 200lbs into a squat. Does this make sense.

i am really excited for trying this out. Woudl this be okay.

Well, if you can keep your balance I would suppose so. But it wouldn’t be like 200lbs, it would be like 100lbs on one leg, if you were doing 100lbs with both before that is like 50 for each leg

Ron Wolforth recommends 1 leg squats in his new hitting DVD. Again, don’t put the weight on your shoulders but hold it in front of you. My son uses a 45 lb kettlebell but a dumbbell would also work. to learn how to do these, check out