Since when did halladay started throwing splitters again?

i’m a big blue jays fan and saw halladay pitch for almost 10 years and i know in the last 5 years he didnt throw a splitter but in this picture you can clearly see he added on… weird, like he felt like he needed an other pitch or something

you know, you don’t really have to throw a pitch a lot to make hitters look for it, throw it once for a strike out, guy goes back to the dugout and everyone says what did he throw you? Splitter, I think!!! Then everyone is thinking they are going to get it. Last time on TV I didn’t notice him throw one but you never know, might have been the guy that he was throwing to just couldn’t hit it and he knew it,

woah ur right. maybe he needed another pitch. he doesnt throw a cutter or palmball anymore.

This started when he got to the Phillies. You can find some PITCHf/x data on this if you Google search “Halladay + PITCHf/x + Splitter” or variants of it.