Since dropping my arm angle a bit

lately my curveball has been brutal, basically the pitch that got peoples attention for me is no longer a thread.
I’m basically throwign low 3/4 or so, and both fastballs move so much. my splitter drops alot but my curve is non-existant.
how do I solve this? are there many lower arm angle guys that have ogod 12-6 curveballs?

yea i throw from almost the same arm slot just a litte higher just remember to get on top of the ball. and let it go out front.but i changed my arm angle cause i had deadly 12-6 now it is a 11-5.

The best curves are thrown overhand or high 3/4. The lower your arm slot gets, it will turn into a hanging slider. Maybe you aren’t getting the correct action on your wrist. Pedro Martinez threw a curve and he has a high sidearm slot. He used a knuckle curve grip, though. What grip do you use?

I am a 100% sidearm/submarine pitcher and I used to have that problem as well. Maybe think about trying this.

Since you have movement on your fastballs and your splitter already drops you really do not have muhc of a NEED for a curve even though it was one of your best pitches.

Pitches are supposed to break planes (side/side and up/down) and change speeds. You already do this.

Maybe try throwing a slider or slurve as opposed to a curve. It should be rather easy to figure out with you arm action and still give you a nice sharp break. With a little work you can incorporate a slider into your routine rather nicely.

With this, you will have pitches that are fast, slower, and move in all directions…don`t need much more

Good Luck