Since Christmas is coming up

I know it’s pretty far away, but let’s list a lot of equipment that people could buy (not all, of course, but so people can have choices)

Med ball
Arm care ball
Swiss ball
Core ball
body blade

Submit more :smiley:

Rawlings primo
Jumpman cleats
New Era 59/50
Weighted Balls
Phiten Phiten Phiten!!

appointment with a physical therapist

24/7 gym membership

2 4lb hammers from lowe’s for additional forearm workout exercises

session with a hypnotist to give you the will to do it 5 to 6 days per week.

by march you’ll be ready to go

nike frees
oakley radars
jordan batting gloves
jordan wristbands
under armour leggings
under armour hoodie
under armour coldgear hat
10lb med ball
pull up bar
assortment of under armour tees
a wilson a3000 11.25 if i can find one

I could go on forever

I’ll buy 5 miles per hour please.

voodoo 10 and a batting cage.

But, i might have already purchased the voodoo so then just a batting cage.