I have a question that would be good for high level players and/or coaches. If you have a runner/coach that is picking up your pitching signs, what would be a good way to mix up the signs?

There is 3 good ways that I’ve seen off the top of my head…

  1. You and your catcher come up with a number system. Say, he gives 4 signs in total… you guys decide which one out of the four is the real sign… the others are decoys. I like to go with 2nd or 3rd personally because sometimes the catcher flashes the first and last signs too quickly. This is the method I use most often.

  2. The catcher uses his legs. I don’t know much about this… I heard Joe Morgan talking about it one time. It has something to do with which leg the catcher puts the sign up next to. You’d have to come up with another system for inside/outside though. Index down for inside to a righty, pinky down for outside to a righty perhaps…

  3. The last way I can think of is the initial signal system. This would work like batting signs. You decide what you want to be the ‘heads up’ sign and the sign afterwards would be the real sign. For example, you could use index and pinky down as the heads up and index and middle for the actual 2. That way you don’t have to sacrifice your existing signs, just add in a fake one. You could use a 3 instead of a two if you wanted. Middle, ring, pinky for the heads up and index, middle, ring for the real 3. I made that sound more confusing than it needed I think but I think you’ll understand.

Ofcourse, you could always use variations of these. Mix and match if you have to.

Use a “switch” sign. Lets say its the pinki. The catcher gives u pinki, index, pinki, middle. The pinki is the turn on switch where the sign after that is the sign.

we use a count thing with a runner on second

meaning, we’ll say a fastball is two after the indicator which may be the bullhorns

so no matter what i do, after the bullhorns, where it be pinky, then three fingers…index then 4 fingers…wiggle then 2

i gave two signs after the indicator so that’s a fastball
three signs after the indicator is a curve, etc…

it might sound confusing at first but if you work with a pitcher regularly it’s not…I wouldn’t suggest using this method your first few times catching a pitcher as there could easily be a few crossups trying to get used to it

I’ll sometimes have my catchers just touch a part of their gear to indicate the pitch they want. They will then flash a series of fake signs with their fingers. Otherwise, just go seco,nd sign or 1 plus, 2 plus, or 1 minus the sign given. :slight_smile: