Signs/sequence for calling pitches from the bench

hey guys: looking to see if anyone has some good advice on sequencing signals from the bench to our catchers. we are a 12 yr old team playing good competition with smart coaches who are always trying - and sometimes succeeding in stealing the signs (which doesn’t necessarily help their hitters)

We’ve been using a simple 3 sign sequence and varying inning by inning which signal is the hot one. We need to keep it simple so the catcher doesnt get baffled - but wondering if someone has experience or ideas for making it a little more difficult to read for the opposing team


The easiest thing to do is sit on a bucket facing the catcher and do signs between your legs like a catcher. Only way to steal that is if somebody is in just the right position behind the backstop reading your signs and relaying to the other dugout or base coach, which then are signaled to the batter. Possible I guess, but seems pretty extreme!

Otherwise, I would just do it like a 3b coach - use a different activator each inning, like touching the nose or bill of the cap, indicating that the next sign is live, and use a different touch for each pitch.

The simplest sequence myself and a coach ever used for calling signs was that he would sit or stand somewhere in the dugout where his left foot would be visible. The sequence was that if his left foot was facing the pitcher then he wanted a fastball, pointing at me (catcher) he wanted a curve, and facing behind myself would be a change. He would also sell it by making up insignificant signs like what a third base coach would use.

I have many different style I have used over the years. That would be one of the simplest ones.

The easiest way to foil coaches stealing signs, is to let the catcher call the game! Why do you feel its necessary to call pitches from the bench? :?: