Signs of injury

I had a doubleheader recently, i relieved 5 innings the first game and 4 innings the second “Yes our starters suck” but anyways i iced my arm for 20 mins after the game, took off the arm wrap for 20 mins and put it back on for 20 mins i did that about 3-4 times. I had a day rest and i could even warm up before the game. Its been about a week and my arm has never been the same, what are some signs of tendinitis.

Not going to the doctor would be a sign of tendinitis

Dude go see a doctor

in my cases, the doctor is going to tell you tendonidis no matter what. expecially a general family doctor. he see’s baseball, tennis and volleyball players come in conplaining about arm problems and that being the most common case of them all, says thats the problem. he told me tendonidis and even got an MRI and turns out my Ulnural Collateral Ligament (the one you need to throw with) was torn and had to get tommy-john. there is a difference between hurt and injured. and you will most likely know it. the best thing to do is strengthen the support muscles by doing bands and ice after throwing.

Besides seeing a doctor…please run from a coach who will do this to you. You had no business going to the mound in the second game and your coach is a dumba$$ moron who ought to get taken into an alley and treated to a nice debilitating buttkicking (No matter how bad you lost the game he’s messing with your future and is incompetent…if I was your dad we’d be dancin) …Does he kick old ladies crossing the street? I bet he thinks he is a real good coach…RUN man! Your arm can be saved.

Don’t be afraid to say that your arm is sore and you want a break most coaches will respect that.