My room is a mess and I don’t want to clean it…hows that for off-topic…

Don’t be lazy.

Or procrastinate…git er dun hombre…make your parental units mildly surprised who knows what good may come of it…I mean they may even come up with a better harder job that takes much longer :shock:
Or you might get a cookie… :wink:

Hah, not the best forum to complain on, considering there are some parents on here.


ryanmin … I think you might be head coach material!!

Every single head coach that I’ve every worked with has had an office that looked like a dump truck backed up and done a number on it.


Their office looked like they were having a paper drive for some scout troop.

And everytime, either alone… or with other coaches, were called in for a meeting… it was common to hear …" Ahhh guys… just move that stuff on the floor… and make room somewhere…"

On the other hand… ask him for a note that he had three years ago… and shuffle here and there… and a reach into a few piles… and bingo… there it was!

So, who knows … your might be headed for your own office some day!

Coach B.

So the bigger the mess the better the coach, Coach B. Lol, sounds good to me.

Lol, nice Coach B.

I love your stories and cracks you’re hilarious.

Anyways, I know what that’s like, just put the dirty clothes in the laundry room and shove everything else under your bed and in your closet, if some of it won’t fit, shove it behind a dresser or desk or something.

That’s how I’ve been doing it for years :wink:

me too…and if that whole messer the person, the better the coach im the next big thing :wink:

clothes have to get washed other than that put it “away”…hid it under your bed or in ur closey like mentioned above