SideWinders/Sub Pitching


I Really don’t understand how throwing sidearm is detremental. I grew up with lack of fund’s and height but extremely talented and passionate in baseball. Young long baller, extremely fast and base smart. Bunting was different more aggressive like I was going deep natural stance, but slowed down dropped to bunt. When told to change My stance threw me off.
I spent years out playing our local little leaguers to the point to where they would tell me too stop doing that; Chasing down balls too the point I would knock the wind out of myself after catching…Sorry for all that nonsense…
Long story short I would play everyday even with shooting pains and dead arm. I just loved it. We Even built our own field because we would always get kicked out of our local fields. Now it’s a develepment next too our local thruway. Throwing overhand or whether it being bad mechanics shot my elbow.
What I don’t understand is how come batters never complain about elbow and shoulder injuries? Batters don’t hit overhand or Over hand “chop” at pitches? I found more relief and control throwing sidearmed. As if your swinging a bat, but instead releasing a ball…Wouldn’t that make for pitchers being better hitters in national league? Think about it, pick up a bat and swing like your pitching a ball. Now pitch like your swinging a bat or vice versa. It just makes more sense for me.
When you throw sub or side the ball has so much more movement’s and breaking …by the time you adjust for the pitch; you dropped low… rose high dropped low… As the ball curves and breaks or drops from under you and your swing over it. You adjusted three times and couldnt set yourself up for a good shot.
My teams good so my fielders got it inning over. Any thoughts on that?
( Sorry for poor grammar ) but over hand the ball is coming straight or down less adjusment. If the balls dancing up and down and curving rising dropping breaking I’m pissed no good play’s too much defence.


Sidearm velocity is much slower.


Greater movement. Faster pitches longer harder driven balls. 90x2 180 while 60x2 120? Almost like inertia?


Yeah you have a point but it’s unnatural and hard on the elbow, also it’s harder to throw different pitches with accuracy. But there is always going to be a point when someone can take any ball thrown at them, no matter the speed, 350 feet and over the fence.


Sorry man your probably right. Sidearm is more like hitting. Wouldn’t your elbow pop more over hand then under? Its all in the wrist; everything is sideways in baseball over hand just seems unnatural? Everyone puts things off to the side not in front? Somethings in front of something in theory it goes off to the side? The only thing you don’t adjust for is straight on. Balls to the left and slide or move left?


Well anatomically speaking the body has adapted different muscles to throw overhand, not sidearm.
Also it depends if you are taking true side arm like Darren O’Day or 3 quarters delivery makes a difference?

When i say unnatural I mean the follow through whips your elbow at certain times, but I mean you do you, I just don’t know any truly great side arm pitchers.


It depends on view points even crow hops from outfield to in the infield ball naturally goes downward. You throw from your side it goes naturally upwards and farther or straight because your going yard. Wasn’t it until the 1900’s you had to pitch under? Good points; but when you chop down a tree or weeds you swing or hack you don’t attack over your head? Depends Randy Johnson, Ziegler, Zumaya who threw 104 mph…Some more depends on range and severity of throws I guess. Who’s to say it wasn’t pitch counts or adolescence better yet genetics? Its all about pitch count these day’s and many dare to try orignal baseball. Its about the hits not the time in between; maybe they had good point’s? Pitchers make hitters who knock it out to the outfielders who save the day. Which makes amazing play’s which make sports center’s top 10… Kinetics and potential energy?