Hello I’m just reaching out to see if I can get some advice I’m a left handed pitcher who played in college and briefly in pro ball until I suffered a shoulder injury, I’ve given my arm a couple years to rest and recover and I really want to attempt to see if I can give it another shot and play again. I have started to slowly work my arm back into shape to see how it responds and make sure there aren’t any lingering issues and try and find a way to not over stress it. When I was in college I had a couple pitching coaches ask me if I ever thought about dropping down to side arm from 3/4 because my arm seem to have more whip to it and the ball seemed to come out of my hand easier and I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience doing this and if it was beneficial to you. thank you for any advice and help and have a great day!


I will defer to the judgment of others. I don’t have much experience teaching the side arm delivery.