Sidearm slider

Can you discribe how you’re getting a slider to drop sidearm, because I am not believing it, Ian.

sidearm slider will sweep a lot and drop too. a curveball will only sweep.

you have to make it spin down like a football pass. it will spin with an axis that looks alot like the way the earth is spinning if you know what i mean. from the side the ball should look like that / and the more you can make it spins that way — will decide how much drop and sweep you’ll get. anyway if you still don’t understand my mighty incredible explanations just ask.

Is it spining from 2 to 8? Most sliders spin like a bullet. Frankly, I have not seen any guys do this effectively from sidearm. I have seen a lot of frisbee type curveballs spining from 3 to 9, but they dont drop.

I could see it from low 3/4’s ala Randy Johnson’s slurve, but not from pure sidearm. Tekulve would do this from time to time. Ian.

i would sometimes switch arm angles and throw sidearm to throw my slider like frisbee type … used to work for me because i couldnt throw a regular slider with that bullet type spin

if that pitch is the only one you throw sidearm you’re instantly surrendering to the batter and telling them whats coming = ineffective

Watch John Smoltz pitch on TV whenever you can. He will sometimes drop down to throw his slider to a righty. Dropping down will tend to flatten out a slider.

I’m guessing he drops down because he wants more sideways break to it in addition to giving the hitter another arm angle to look at.

That’s why you have to throw more than one kind of pitch from that arm angle. I throw my slider at an angle, but also mix it up with a side arm fastball. It is funny to see the batter know what’s comming and still not be able to hit it when is at the knees…

The key to getting the slider to have any downward movement is making sure you try to get your fingers on top of the ball, at least a bit. That’s the only way to get any downward movement. It’s almost impossible from a true sidearm angle. It seems to me that most of you are talking more about a 3/4 arm angle, especially with the example of John Smoltz. He clearly does not drop all the way down to a sidearm angle to throw that slider.