Sidearm Pitching

Was curious if anyone knows any specific websites or anything to help a sidearm pitcher out. I am completely from the side, and I throw 3 pitches… working on a 4th pitch

(working on) 3 finger fastball

was curious whats a good velocity to get noticed at… and if anyone knows of any sidearm work outs to pick up some velocity etc.

I am also a side-arm pitcher as far as getting noticed first you have to answer height , weight, age and velocity. as far as things to do to increase velocity it is pretty much the same as every other pitcher: mechanics, lots of throwing and lifting weights

6’4 18 around 79… working on mechanics etc

Thats bout the same velocity I throw at, just make sure your using your whole body when pitching because you could end up destroying that elbow if your not careful

Sidearming is really the same motion as overhand throwing assuming you bring your body down with your arm. The training should be similar.

3 Finger Fastball?? I think that’s called a change :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually its a from of a fork ball I have thrown it before great speed difference and good sinking action

John- I’d say that if you are completely from the side that you need to scrap the ‘split’ and turn the 3 finger fastball that you’re working on into a change up (it basically is, but for me the circle change worked better). The split is designed to be pulled down from a more conventional arm angle. I threw from a 3 quarter angle, but sometimes I’d drop down to sidearm and that change would just dive from there.

As for a velocity to get noticed, it kind of depends on if you’re left or right handed. Everyone says the magic # is 90mph, but a lefty can get noticed at a lower speed. This is probably true for proball however, you can still go far pitching at 83-85, especially if your sidearm action gets you good sink. I pitched 4 years of college ball at 85-86 and topping out at 88, but never got a chance at proball. Sorry to be so long winded, good luck!!!

yeah, thanks… well i’ve been working on a 3-finger fastball… it has same drop as my fastball, just obviously it is more similar to my fastball. As for droping the split… im gonna hold onto it, it has some slide, but more drop like its 2-8 movement. And as u can say for college, if you work and what now whats a good # to say u can gain on your fastball, or for me possibly gaining how much on a side-arm fastball?

Thanks for helpin by the way

If you really want gains in velocity, long toss is probably one of the best ways to gain. I used to throw completely sidearm, but after a lot of long toss i noticed that i raised my release point about 3 inches, not i’m throwing from about… mouth-nose level if you wanna call it that. Another side effect I got from longtoss was +4-6mph on my fastball, much improved stamina, a lot harder break on my split, and now i can throw a good curve (from slight change in release point). Don’t worry much about changing your angle and changing your “identity” as a pitcher, a good pitcher will get noticed no matter how he throws.