Sidearm curve

i was wondering if anyone could help me learn how to throw a sidearm curve

For several reasons, as a sidearmer you will probably have more success with a slider as your breaking pitch.

Sidearmers cannot get 12-to-6 topspin on the ball because their release point arm-angle doesn’t allow it. So, a sidearm pitcher will never have a Sandy Koufax curve, or even a Barry Zito curve.

Gravity is the only contributing force to downward break on a sidearmer’s curve–the curve’s spin when released by a sidearm pitcher is 3-to-9 (or 9-to-3) depending on RHP or LHP, of course.

3-to-9 (or 9-to-3) spin will give you plenty of lateral break on a sidearm curve, but the strike zone is narrower than it is tall, so you won’t have nearly as much room for error as an over-the-top curveballer.

All that being said, curveballs from any arm-angle should be released with a karate-chop motion toward the target–do not “twist the wrist” or “turn the doorknob”.

Don’t be surprised if you actually get a nice slider when you think you’re throwing a side-armed curve…my son is a RHP sidearmer and for quite awhile he believed he was releasing a sharp-breaking curveball from his side-arm slot. That’s what he was trying to do…however, I’ve caught for him and also videotaped his so-called ‘curve’ many times with a high speed videocamera: The spin he gets on the ball, and the subsequent action of the ball, is 100% slider, not curveball.

Yes today i tried using a curve grip and tried to do the same thing as you woud a over hand curve and it looked much more like a slider


I have one more question. how would you throw a sinker when throwing sidearm?

Here’s one way to do it:

If interested in further details, please PM me.

My son is in the side arm/three quarter arm slot and throws a “slider” as a junk pitch. We got the grip of off Steve Carlton’s web site. He throws it the same as a fastball, except he lets the ball slid off the side of his pointer finger, no weird action with the arm. When it’s working it’s almost unhittalbe as it comes in off speed and just dies when it gets to the plate.

“Junk pitch”? Nah—I don’t think so. It sounds as if he has a very good “out” pitch in the making, and if he gets it to work it is indeed unhittable. :slight_smile: