Side View Video! [Looking for Tips]

Tell me what you think… Looking for tips!

you look pretty solid, if you want one thing that I think you could work on immediately is, get flat at the end of your pitching motion. This can help you get more velocity out of more use of your legs and entire body. This can be aacomplished simply by reaching your right wrist over your left knee at the end of your pitching motion, this will require your right leg to follow thoough more and over the top to help decelerate the arm speed.

thanks! My dad pointed this out to me aswell! I tried it out in the backyard and it makes me feel a little more comfortable aswell… Thanks again!

Are you working on it by reaching your wrist down ending up just above the knee?

a little, i use a towel, and i make sure the end of the towel i’m holding goes to my knee.

Honestly I have never really liked the “Towel Drill”, I think it places the hand in the wrong position to properly pull the ball down and through the zone. You don’t need a ball, slow motion action, keeping your fingers behind the ball and end up with your thumb down…this is where the towel drill fails I think.

It’s up to you what you feel works for you…don’t change just because some quack like me says he doesn’t like it…try it for yourself and see what works best for you. Good Luck.

I’m not a big fan of the way you swing your stride leg so violently away from the target during leg lift. IMO this causes a couple of issues.

One- since your leg comprises about 20% of your body weight moving it so strongly away from the target is counterproductive in creating momentum toward the target. It slows you down and wastes energy.

Two- the mass of the leg moving away from the target tends to produce a large counter-rotation of the hips and torso. Some counter-rotation can be good but too much- as noted by turning almost your whole backside to the target- can lead to a circular/spinning type of delivery. When this happens the hips and shoulders tend to rotate together limiting velocity as well as causing other issues with command and control.

A front view would tell more but I also think I see you striding to the right of the target line- again sometimes a cause and effect for “spinning” as well as a late posture change. I see your finish- moving left and essentially at a right angle to the target line- a product of spinning as well. IMO this all starts with the way you swing your leg at leg lift.

So I’d suggest toning down the violence of the leg lift without sacrificing the height- which is really good by the way. I think the thought “knee to opposite shoulder” is a good one and instead of showing both back pockets to the target as you do think of just showing one pocket and driving that one pocket directly to the target. As mentioned many times in this forum the Hershiser drill should give you the feel of driving the hip as well as getting the feel for knee to opposite shoulder.

If you decide to work on this expect some timing problems in the beginning. You will be quicker to the target and other things will need to adjust. However I think you have more “gas in the tank” if you can learn to generate good momentum with proper hip and shoulder separation.

Thanks Guys,

JP here is a front view from the same day, my dad took it. I forgot I had it.

IMO that’s a slightly different and better delivery- better balance and posture, less spinning, more momentum directed at the target and better hip and shoulder separation. Notice how much better your finish is in the front view vs. side view. The video is regular speed and kind of grainy but from what I could fish out you do a lot of things well on this particular delivery.

While you don’t necessarily appear to stride closed, or across your body, you do appear to set up and stride to the right of a direct line to the target. Some coaches say this creates a better angle to righties. I think it tends to create a late posture change and has an effect on consistency- especially with younger, physically developing pitchers. In your case I don’t particularly see it in the front view but suspect it in the side view based on the difference in finish positions.

To deal with this you may want to try positioning yourself more to the 1st base side of the rubber. This may put you in a more “neutral” posture at release which may be more repeatable. You can always move back over if you don’t like it.

I still stand by what I wrote before about the aggressive leg kick to the rear. I think you can reduce the “spin” tendencies and generate more speed and momentum sooner by cleaning this up. If nothing else it may be affecting your overall timing enough to be a source of inconsistency from pitch to pitch.

Good luck.

You said position myself toward the first base side a little more, this video is from last august, I have actually changed a little bit in my stride and positioning, when I go over to our local training facility again, I will be sure to get a front video with a better angle. Thanks JP!!!