Side of middle finger red tender after 15 pitches

Son is a senior in high school. Pitched for over 6 years. Thisproblem started in january. Place will not callus. Dr. SD wart. Burned off and took 6weeks to heal instead of normal 7-10 days. Still no change. Desperate. Nothing works. Life changing issue because of possible baseball scholarship.

Have you tried a dermatologist? What have you tried so far?

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I’ve seen this before. The sides of a man’s fingers during the summer and while experiencing work, can sweat with a heavy mixture salt on the surface. Take notice of your son’s hands during sweating, wipe the hands off especially between the fingers with a black rag. If you notice salt residue on the rag as the rag dries, this could be one of the reasons for a slow recovery. Another indication of heavy sweat are salt residue on hats and shirts.

Body salt combined with sweat and body oil encourage rapid bacteria growth. That growth by the way is that locker smell that you experience in gyms and such. That bacteria could be one of the reasons for your son’s slow recovery.

However, warts are common and part of the body’s chemical process. They can sometimes take months and even years to correct.

Yes, two dermatologist. One SD wart and burned it off in June. Said 7-10
day healing. Took 6 weeks. Next one said never wart. Waste of 6 weeks.
SD friction between two layers. Tried derma bond and marathon and tried
to build up skin. Nothing. Went to Andrews clinic. Dr SD never seen it
before. Ultrasound showed possible low circulation in fingers only. She
SD she was puzzled and sorry. Put him on a med that is suppose to help
blood flow. He has taken it for 3 weeks. No improvement. We are desperate
bc he has to pitch in front of colleges. We had to cancel Mississippi
state, JSU and UAH. He has also tried pickle juice, stans rodeo ointment
and blister rub.

I’ve heard of old wives tales of guys soaking hands in pickle juice, or even more extreme, “Moises Alou-ing” their hands to toughen them up :wink: . Might be some old school BS, but always a thought.

Edit: Sorry saw your pickle juice comment. Just ignore that.

I am hesitant to suggest anything because I would hate to make it worse. You might investigate superglue and epoxies to get him through the upcoming dates. Sounds like maybe the derma bond was the same sort of thing. Is the area also nervy or hypersensitive?


He has used superglue many times. Still same result. dermatologist sd no glue because it will pull off any “good” skin. The finger becomes extremely painful and starts showing a blood burn or blister under the skin and he has to stop. It takes a week or so just for the small area to disappear. when you look at it after a day or so. it does look like small capallaries (black dots) at the top beginning to heal. If he continues to throw daily, the place gets deeper and wider. We have tried every other day, letting him completely heal, bandaids, super glue, derma bond, marthon, Nothing works. Very very frustrating because he has the talent and grades to get a 4 year scholarship. He was projected to hit 93-94 this past summer and now cannot make it through 20 pitches. My son is 6’6" wt 195 and definitely would be able to play at the college level if we can get this problem resolved.

I am sorry that you guys are having to deal with this. My only suggestion would be to talk with an orthopedic hand specialist to see if there might be something on the bone that is causing the irritation. Someone I spoke with also mentioned rheumatoid conditions. I do not know if any of this could be an issue or not, just ideas.

Good luck and best wishes for a full recovery,


Thank you!

I’m just grasping at straws here because it seems you have tried external remedies like glues, etc.

I had a problem with my middle finger tip splitting when the league I was in changed to a new ball. The new ball had rougher and more raised seams and was killing my fingertip. I tried a krazy glue / sand mix to try keeping it from splitting and bleeding, but I eventually solved the problem by gripping the ball more lightly and putting the seam under the knuckle rather than centered under my finger tip. I got a lot less friction on release. I ended up with more movement as well.

thank you. I will tell my son. Not sure if he has tried to grip more lightly or moved the seam. But if he hasnt it is definitely worth a try. We are so frustrated because he has the ability but cannot use it. He threw 80-100 pitches per game last fall and now he cannot make it past 15-20 pitches. Heartbreaking because now he cannot accurately demonstrate his skills and ability to colleges that want to see him pitch due to this.