Side Armed Knuckleball

Ok, I’m 17 and I throw side armed, and left handed… I only have four pitches at the moment (4 Seam, 2 Seam, Change-up, Splitter) and have a question. When I was throwing directly over handed before I started throwing side armed I could throw an Awesome freakin Knuckleball I mean you never knew where that thing would break. Well anyways I’ve been working on a way to throw that knuckleball side armed so that I can use it next season, but it still not half as good as it use to be, and now it only moves about 5% of the time. Any other time its pretty much like a free homerun right down the center of the plate. Do anyone have any suggestions on how I might throw it any better using my side armed throw, or do you even know if its possible to throw a knuckleball side armed?

I would go back to using my over handed throw but I got way better pitch location and speed on my fastball side armed.

I personally am a sidearmed knuckleballer, just make sure you use fastball mechanics and focus on the release to get consistant. I throw a knuckleball as good sidearmed as anyone I know.

Go to and head to the message boards, it’ll help.

Thanks for the help man. I’ll check out the site and start working on it.