Side-arm pitchers in college?


I totally agree with you McCavitt.


Im a submarine/sidearm pitcher in college. Almost like a Pat Neshek (Twins). I have very little fatigue on my arm and am able to go on short rest wihtout a problem. This does not mean all pitchers of my kind are like that. Pitchers who throw over the top get hurt too.

As long as you work on your mechanics you can learn to throw a ball at any angle without putting to much extra stress on your arm. My coach told me to throw a ball as far as I can. I threw it from a submarine angle and he told me thats how my body throws and not to fight it. I was 13.


i play for a d1 team and our friday starter is a sidearmer…he is a mid to high 70s guy with a good slider as well as a lot of arm side run…he has beaten a lot of great teams, including oklahoma state this past season…your arm slot doesnt matter if you can keep hitters off balance


I am a 16 year old right handed submarine pitcher with good movement, I picked it up at the beginning of this season and have thrown much more in games than I would have. I currently throw consistently about 66 fastball with a tail, a change up, and a curve with a max of about 71 so far but gaining velocity. I ended the season with about 20 innings pitched on JV with a 0.0 ERA and averaged about a strikeout an inning, I probably pitched the most on the team. I bloomed late and will probably grow about 4 more inches and gain some weight, I am very thin. Do I have a chance at pitching at a college level? How hard do I have to throw to be at a college level if I can hit my spots with any pitch and I have great movement any direction?


Coleag11, by all means you have a chance pitching at the next level considering you have decent velo and command. To put it into perspective, I am currently pitching at the college level from a low sidearm/submarine slot. Fastball sits at 80-82 but I have seen guys make it at the JuCo level in the mid 70 range.


Alrigjt, thanks.