Side arm pitcher in the field

I would like some advice, please.

My son has recently let his pitching slot drop down. He’s more at 3/4 than he was before. He’s 12, turning 13 soon. The result in his pitching is positive… more strikes, more ground balls. My earnest for him to “git yer arm up” has waned. I’m mostly watching his elbow now. If he drops his elbow, his accuracy suffers.

Anyway, to what I need advice for:
His pitching with this delivery is going very well right now… but, that same release has crept into his throws as an infielder/outfielder. His accuracy and power in those areas is dropping.

What to do? (I can shoot some video and post at a later date if necessary. Next prax is Wed.)



Low 3/4 can be very effective for a pitcher. Lots of arm side run and natural downward movement. These attributes also make it much less effective from the field. Outfield in particular requires high 3/4 or overhand slot to be most efficient in terms of trajectory. If he maintains more upright posture he should get there. Concentrating on low strong throws with good downward pull might also cue him to get his arm slot a little higher.

Best of luck,