Side-arm dispute

After reading Steve’s blog on side-arm pitching it made me think why should i try to change me arm slot if it is natural to me. It took a little while for my coach to catch on but he finally did. Everyone gives me crap even after they see how effective I am. As far as injurys go the only one I got was when I tried to change my arm slot to overhand. I just dont see what the big deal is. Everyone’s opinions please.

if i was your coach i would ask you if it is your REAL natural mechanic like if you ALWAYS throw like that you’ere not trying to be a) cool b) different c) get something on the ball (which is something people that are already done might take in consideration but not a young pitcher) if so, you stay like that as long as it goes right. wasn’t walter johnson throwing sidearm back then? he was a complete flamethrower and is recognized as one of the best pitcher ever. there is always exceptions in sports, especially in baseball.

since I first picked up a baseball, I have been throwing side-arm so it is 100% natural

I don’t have a huge problem with throwing sidearm. Far more people do it than is generally realized.

If you do try to raise your arm slot, the way to achieve it is by tilting your shoulders, not by getting you elbow up above the level of your shoulders. I think you can increase your risk of injury by trying to raise your arm slot if you don’t understand where arm slot comes from (shoulder tilt not PAS elbow height above shoulders).

It’s alright. My friend Chris Smith is a side arm starter in our high school league and he has plenty of stamina and arm strength to go throughout the game. From what I’ve seen when he’s pitched, he hasn’t had much problem with it. So I guess if it comes naturally to you and it doesn’t hurt, keep going. When or if it does start to hurt, stop throwing for a while. I’ve always thought that Smith being a side arm thrower made him unique just like Isaac, our only lefty. Your side arm throwing makes you unique, it almost looks like a catapult. So keep going and doing what comes naturally to you. :wink: