Shuuto pitch?

a couple of days ago a new exchanged student from tokyo just moved her and he said he plays baseball and he happens to be a pitcher. so curiously i wanted to know if he was any good and hes really good and throws really fast, but anyways i asked him what types of pitches he has. he said hmm nothing special just a fastball curve and a shuuto and i was like waaa? he dosent want to show me how to grip it or how to throw it… so i was just wondering cause he wont tell me, do any of you know wat it is?

The shuuto is just a sinker, although the idea is to get more tail than sink.

This guy who won’t show you how to grip or throw the “shuuto” reminds me of a fellow named Deacon Johnson (or Jones, depending on which account you read). Johnson (or Jones) was an old-time pitcher in the AA Southern Association in the late 30s and early 40s, and he threw a bewildering breaking pitch which for want of a better name he called the “slip” pitch. He was a selfish coot who wouldn’t even show it to his own manager, Paul Richards, who wanted to know more about the pitch because he had to catch it. Johnson, or Jones, wanted to keep it his own little secret. Question: If he wanted to keep it a secret, why was he throwing it?
Okay. There is nothing new or mysterious about the “shuuto”. I remember that pitch very well, because the Seattle Mariners had a relief pitcher, either a set-up man or a closer, named Shigetoshi Hasegawa, who threw it all the time. I watched him throw it, and I was able to determine that it was a changeup screwball like the one Joey Jay used to throw when he pitched for Cincinnati in the early 60s. As Jay described it, you just turn it over a little. My guess is that the seemingly controversial “gyroball” is just a variation of the shuuto, only a little faster.
There’s nothing new under the sun, or the moon, or in a pitcher’s repertoire. 8) :baseballpitcher:

The shuuto, reminds me of a tailing fastball. I’ve seen the pitch before and it resembled the same movement as a tailing fastball.

Theres a video of some shuuto pitches.

Shuuto = Tailing 2-seamer

foreigners have different names for some of our pitches in the U.S.

Kinda’ like the shake ball is really just a knuckleball. Well it could be a forkball but yeah.