Shrinking a hat

i have a fitted hat that is just alittle to big. i heard before that putting a hat in water will shrink it but i dont want to ruin it. does this work, or any other suggestions?

ya it does shrink it, but the front of the hat gets kind of crinkled. however, i have seen a plastic mold that you can put the hat inside that supposedly keeps it’s shape when you put it in the dishwasher

Is it true that if you take the netting out of the front of the hat it will mold to your head better too?


The mesh part in the front of the hat (The inside part of it)

how do you take it out?

wear it in the rain and keep it on your head till it drys so not only it shrinks, it gets the size of your head

Wrap aluminum foil around the bill and jump in the shower with it. It will mold to your head just fine.

Was that a joke? Or will it really work?

i heard most of these work if the hat is cotton. my hat is 100% polyester though.

put it in water and let it sit out and do not put it in the dryer.