showing the ball

I was wondering if I would increase some velocity by showing the ball to center field, so that my wrist could get behind the ball and therefore Iwill get greater wrist action. Rich Harden is one of many that do this and he throws in the upper 90’s. I am pretty sure that this will give me more velocity but I just wanted to get everyone’s take on this.

I really don’t think that’s going to get you more velocity. Velocity comes mostly from hip and shoulder rotations and partly from linear movement down the hill. Improve those areas if you want the most bang for the buck.

An important point: you have to be able to conceal your pitching grips so that the opposing teams can’t read your pitches. This is particularly vital when there’s a runner on second base, because he’s in a terrific position to read the grip and somehow signal the batter what’s coming.

i wouldnt try to do anything that rich harden does because he is on the DL more than on the mound