Showing the Ball

When the arm is coming through its motion I heard for a righty he should be showing the ball to the shortstop. Does this mean that his wrist/hand is facing that way so that just the ball is facing the shortstop or is the pitchers whole arm actually supposed to be lined-up(for lack of a better description) with the shortstop? Because I have tendonitis in my elbow and i read that not showing the ball to the shortstop can cause elbow pain.

Chris O leary theroy is to point the ball to 3rd base. So that you can prontate at the right time. If you look at long lasting MLB pitchers they point the ball to 3rd base or a little to SS.

When do you start to point the ball to that side though because from what i can tell I never do.

Ok you are right. In the high cocked position you would have it facing 3rd or a little towards ss.

I believe “showing the ball to the SS” means you’d have your palm facing that way. Some people believe showing the ball to 2B leads to supination at release. That sounds believeable but I couldn’t say whether it’s accurate. I’m sure it’s not an absolute.

This is what “show the ball to 3B” means: