Im 15, a freshman RHP 6’2" 198lbs. I wanted to take the fall season off to rest, cause I’ve played travelball since January. I have been invited to some 16u showcase events this fall, I just wanna chillax but keep working out. I have a 88-90mph fastball and a 76-78 mph change up. Do I need to go to these showcases right now or can I wait till summer next year? I don’t want to get behind but really don’t want to play right now. Any suggestioins?

Those are some impressive stats.

I would go to a showcase just to get your name out their. 88mph fastballs are good for 18 year olds.

You have planty of time to get noticed by scouts espicailly with an 88 mph fastball. Things like that don’t stay quite for very long. Just keep in shape and give your arm a rest.

Son, if you are 15 throwing 88 they already know.

Agree. If you were my son with those stats and having pitched since January you’d be on the shelf. IMO you need to rest more than go to a showcase.

Thanks for the advice. Only a few know how I throw because I was clocked (Juggs) by a parent in the stands on my team last May as a 14 year old. I had know idea I was being gunned. Then I had to rest because of an injury (non related to baseball). My team went to elite 32 however I couldn’t play.We lost in the championship. So I missed out on getting seen by anyone.