Sorry I didn’t know where to put this. Anyway I was wondering if anybody could help me find some showcases in or near Baltimore, MD. Also if you could tell me about what people there look at and things like that that would be great too. Anything about where I can find showcases near me and things like that would be greatly appreciated.

Go on and look at their state showcases listings.

Any college camps at schools you would like to attend?
A lot of college camps have coaches from several schools so you can get plenty of exposure. I have also found most camps at colleges are significantly cheaper than showcase companies if there are specific schools that you want to see you it can be a good route.

I’ll be doing 3 or 4 showcases at different schools this fall and winter.

All above is really good info…CF you do me proud guy!!!
I would only add that first, we are real late in the year for showcases, my son has one more which is in October and in Jupitor Fl. it is being put on by World Baseball, so you can also look them up. If you are looking for fall/winter stuff, I know UVA is putting on a winter camp (My son has received a couple of invites), I’d look into what the Terps have going on, Temple is close by, they may have something going on. The Perfect Game stuff is usually associated with teams…guys just don’t walk up and get in. Many times they are tourneys and teams have to qualify.
I suggest you work up a plan as to what you want to do, just “shotgunning” and going to a ton of showcases may not be in your best interests, focus on what you want and where you want to do it. Showcases are expensive and CF has again proven his skills as a researcher…follow his lead, look to a good school that offers the degree program you are PASSIONATE (Not just somewhat interested in) about and direct your efforts that way.
GGOOOODD Luck is the result of positive efforts, working hard and planning with your eyes wide open… :smiley:

Here’s a site with links to many college camps, however you can find the camps at your schools of choice by going to that school’s web site.

Text from an e-mail my son just got…it’s not clear in the text but it’s from UVA

Our first two Fall Exposure Camps have been a great success. Many talented players have come through already this fall, creating a highly competitive environment for our showcase games. We are looking forward to our final session on Oct. 6&7 and we feel the best is still to come. While we have already filled our allotment of Infielders (SS, 2B, and 3B), there are still some remaining spots for Pitchers, Catchers, Firstbasemen, and Outfielders. Take advantage of this final opportunity to visit one of the finest baseball facilities in the country and showcase your skills in a game environment for our coaching staff and coaches from several other schools. We are expecting another high-energy weekend of baseball with some talented young players from all over the country.

Visit and click on the “camps” link to download our camp brochure which will have all the pertinent information you will need to sign up for this final session. We are currently revamping our website, so bear with us if you are having difficulty finding the camp information. I will be happy to email you the info if necessary. Feel free to call or email me with any questions or to check availability. We hope to see you this fall.

Kyle Werman
Assistant Coach & Camp Coordinator
Phone: (434) 982-5129
Fax: (434) 982-5212