Doesnt anybody know what the age limits on showcases are? Im a 20 year old, 6’3, 195lbs, fastball around 83-86 and have 4 years of eligbity left. I should be able to add a few more miles with some mechanical tweaks. Im going to a school right now without a baseball team and get good enough grades to transfer to most schools. Im from Canada so I guess I would have to take my SATs but I have 45 credits of University courses already. Out of high school I had some arm issues and now I want to take another shot at it. Ive looked on google for a showcase in the northern washington state area but they all say high school ages. Could anyone recomened a way for me to get my name out there. I dont have much knowledge on the baseball programs but I want to play.


Search for a professional tryout in your area and go to that. I don’t know what you have to go to get in a tryout, but I’m sure some people on this forum will have that answer for you.

try searching area code games

Im thinking of going to a mariners tryout in a 2 weeks, but will there be college coaches there? I dont throw hard enough to get signed so I dont know if it would be worth it. No matter where I go in baseball I want to finish my degree.

Do you have to be invited to area code games? I looked at a few of them and I didnt see any open invites. Yesterday I did find an open camp for high school seniors or junior college players on but I am too late. It finished on May 31st. Is there still time to find a school by september? If I go back to my school, chances are Ill never get to expirence college baseball