Showcases for seniors

is attending a showcase senior year useless? or can you still get some looks and scholarships?

have you gotten any scholarship offers yet? Do you know where you’re going next year to play or even where you’re going with hopes of playing? If you don’t have things all lined up, they certainly aren’t useless… and it certainly wouldn’t hurt if it got someone to give a late look to you… maybe even a prep school.

Hey man I’ve been through the recruiting process and know how stressful it can be. The truth is no student athlete in high school knows the commitment and job-like atmosphere going into college to play baseball. First off you have to be ready to focus on school first and then baseball because that is all you will have time for. Another thing concerning your situation…Division 2 schools are allowed to host individual tryouts for you if you contact the coach about it via email/phone call they can set up a date. I think in your situation the showcases would be useless bc unless you have electric stuff no d1 will go after you this late. So contact some division 2 schools and see if you can’t get a workout with them!!!

Im not a senior yet, and If no D1 college offers me anything I will go to a JUCO and advance from there.

What do you mean in my case?