Hey guys, just looking for some advice here.

I’m going to this senior showcase with my fall team in Peoria, Arizona in October. There’s going to be a ton of teams for all over the country, and a bunch of scouts from different colleges.

My question is what will the scouts be looking for from the pitchers in games?
Obviously velocity is a big factor, but what other things should I concentrate on?

Be a pitcher. Have as many of the tools as possible and display them with confidence. Velocity means a ton at stuff like this, dominating helps but having smoke gets the attention. You being a lefty, if you can show the whole package and have some smoke, at your age will get a bunch of attention. Confidence, a complete package and velocity…it’s what it’s about. It doesn’t take a scout very long at all to see weakness so just let it hang out there and let the chips fall.

Sounds like you’ve got a minimum of two weeks to plan for this appearance. Make sure you get with you’re pitching coach if you have one, and target that Showcase date for peak performance. You want to be fresh, stoked and confident on that day. When you get up on the mound you want the catcher to look like he’s twenty feet away. Yeah, they might be sticking that radar in your face for readings but they will be looking for first pitch strikes, staying ahead in the count, responses to bad calls, make-up and getting outs.

Also, realize when you do take the mound that day…you ARE what you ARE. Nothing more you can do but let it all hang out!

Lastly, look for feedback of the positive kind. Build on that and chuck the negative stuff where the sun don’t shine. Good Luck.

I went to a bunch of those.

THey will look at your velocity and secondary pitches, but Control, Poise, and Composure are gonna be looked at heavily too. They don’t want a pitcher who totally flips out on the mound if something goes wrong.

Do you thing and stay in control.

Will you be playing at the Peoria Sports Complex?

Thanks for all the advice guys.

And Roger, yes it is at the Peoria Sports Complex. Is it a nice place?

It is the spring training facility for both the Padres and the Mariners. There are 6 practice fields on the Padres side and 6 on the Mariners side. Plus there is the stadium field in the middle. The practice fields are decent, the stadium field is nice. The practice fields are 340’ down the lines and 410’ to center. The mounds are generally in pretty good shape - maybe a bit steep on the front side.