Showcase in jupiter,fl

I am going to a showcase in jupiter, fl this summer the first week in july… i read a couple of posts and it seems to be a big deal… i hope so… can someone fill me in? thanks

Hey man…I know the world wood bat tournament down there in the fall is crazy. I’m sure if perfect game is putting on the event it will be packed with college and pro scouts

What age group are you? That could be the Junior Olympics. I know the biggest showcase isn’t until the Fall in late October.

i am playing 17u. and yea, world wood bat national tournament im going to also, but i think thats in georgia.

Yea the World Wood Bat tournament is in July and its in East Cobb GA.

thats good for exposure right?

Absolutely!!! Try and get as many games as you can at the east Cobb comPlex bc that is where a great deal of division I and pro scouts hang out

awesomeeeee. can not wait for this