Showball Academic Showcase Camps



Does anyone know anything about the Showball Academic Showcase Camps? I’m thinking of taking my son, a sophomore in high school, to this camp on August 7-8 in New York:

They appear to have a surprisingly large number of top academic schools committed to attend. Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.


I know nothing about the showcase/camp that you’re asking about - BUT, perhaps my experiences on a relative subject might be helpful.

Looking at prospective talent can be very, very expensive for a college and university. Granted the big names that are in the top 20, year after year, do attract attention when their name and marque is on a who’s-who in attendance.

I have found the following to be the predominate business of those institutions that I use to visit, from time to time. Those institutions were from Maine, south to Delaware, and westward up to Amsterdam, New York.

So for the colleges and universities attending:
(1) Expense budgets were metered closely. Money is always a tight and touchy subject, so results had better be served up and quickly, along explaining “was it worth going?”
(2) So to limit the exposure of sending money OUT, non-staff made up of alumni, booster clubs and others are usually waiting in the wings and provide good feedback from these and other events.
(3) Contacts, contacts, contacts are invaluable to a college recruiter. Like any well run business, dealing with a reliable source of resources is the thing. Relationships are built over time, within a workable distance - source, to and from providers, then back to the source again. These relationships conform to a travel distance that makes the sources of talent, usually, within reasonable travel distances. It’s not uncommon to have a radius of about 90 miles from the institution, to high schools and other sources from which to recruit from. On the other hand, over the years of coach-to-coach interaction, some sources of talent can be a mainstay for a college and university.
(4) On the fringes of all this, there’s are contacts that some recruiters use that blend in non-athletic relationships based on fraternal, religious, and close personal friendships.

Other things in the mix are worth considering.
(a) Why would a showcase in say, San Diego, or Miami, or a coach in attendance from the Arizona State Sun Devils baseball program, want to see a kid from Jersey City, New Jersey? I mean, all of these locations have a bumper crop of great baseball talent… so… why you? Granted, you could be very good at your level, but then again, there are just so many seats at the table. Going back to (1) through (4), a lot of those seats are already taken.
(b) Cost/benefit relationships are a basic business part of any business model. Thinking in these terms can save you a lot of cash right up front.
(3) Take a close look at the rosters of those colleges and universities within a 90 mile radius and see how their on board talent stacks up against your son. That kind of established product/talent is what these showcases want to present, nothing less.

I know I didn’t address your question head on, but I hope my comments and observations will help you in some way.


Here’s some candid info from that camp:

If you have a limited budget for recruiting, you may look at Head First instead (since it usually gets great reviews from attendees). I’ve had some of my pitchers attend, and they thought that coaches really paid attention to them and they ended up with a good bit of interest. [Some more discussion on it here: ]


Thanks, Coach Baker. Lots to think about. My main attraction to this showcase is that the attending schools are highly academic. I’m surprised at the number of Ivy League schools attending (my son’s #1 choice Dartmouth is sending their head coach). Also, the camp appears to offer bang for the buck - one trip and exposure to many of the colleges my son is interested in. Going to each of their on-campus camps would be cost prohibitive!


Thanks, McCloven. Good info. From your post I deduce that you recommend Head First over Showball? My reading of the comments in that first link seem to make it a tossup. ??? What do you know of the Perfect Game National Academic Showcase in Cartersville, Georgia? That and the Showball Academic Showcase in New York are what I had planned for this summer. My concern is that unlike Showball and Head First, that PG Academic Showcase does not appear to list the attending colleges.


Based on the players I know who have attended them, I think Head First is the best.
The PG Academic showcase is always decent, and good to be seen, but, based on my players’ feedback, it didn’t lead to a ton of specific school interest…where HF did.


Do you know players who attended Showball? What did they say?

So Head First is your choice for an academic camp. What about second? Showball or PG?


Only 2 who have gone to Showball. My feeling was that showball was more useful than PG Academic for them. I’ll reach out and see if I can get more feedback.