Show the ball to whom?

when a pitcher brings the ball down and back during the windup, should the ball be shown to the CF or to the SS/3B?

I think this is personal preference, I think most get the ball turned out all the way to CF.

Most have the ball facing the SS/3B. Showing the ball to the CF puts pressure on your UCL.

Some pitchers have an exaggerated movement to show the ball to the CFer - I think it is a timing thing. I think most teach righthanders to show it to the SS though…

My 8-y/o righty shows the ball towards the SS when he brings the ball down and back (note this is literally what the OP asked).

But I think the ball is being shown to the 3B when he brings the arm up to the cocked and ready position. (this is when the “show the ball” cue normally refers to.)

(I haven’t ever taught him with any of the “show the ball” cues. I don’t like them.)