Shouting and balks

out of complete curiousity - would a balk be called on the pitcher if he yells while delivering the ball?


could be considered a intensional distraction or attempt to deceive the batter or runner…but otherwise I don’t think so…no!

I never heard of such a thing. It certainly would not be called a balk if the pitcher slips and falls on the mound and yells “Ouch!” or “Oops!”, only if he drops the ball while delivering the pitch—and only if there’s a runner on base. 8)

So if I eeked out an eagle call as I pitched…

Do you mean yelling like along the lines of what tennis players do?

Nolan Ryan used to grunt like a rutting pig…scarey stuff :shock:

If you don’t get your brains beat in by a batter who thinks it’s bad ettiquet…the ump may let it go…once before telling you to shut your gob or he’ll run ya.