hey you all, my name is philipp and i am a 20 year old pitcher from germany. i just got out of the hospital after a surgery on my left shoulder where they reatached some cartilage i “broke off” last year when i dislocated my shoulder for the first time. i throw with my right arm and now i just want to know what i can do for my right arm and for my left so that i don’t have to start from scratch in spring. i just need some advise what to do and what not. because i don’t know if it is wrong when i work out only my right arm.

For your left arm, you need to be in physical therapy where your arm and exercises can be monitored and controlled.

With your right arm, if your doctor says it’s ok, you can start doing strengthening and maintenance exercises. Steve Ellis has some good exercises for you to do on his site.

try to get to the gym as quickly as you can. by what i mean is after the doctor says you canstart lifting start lifting. Start with really low weights like 5’s and work your way up like you first started out in the weight room. Use mr. ellis’s tough cuff program- its a really good work out for your cuffs and shoulders.